Module 1 : The Misinformation Ecosystem

In this module, you will learn about the Information ecosystem, the importance of good information and how we can distinguish it from malicious, coloured or manipulated information. The module will demonstrate key definitions associated with Misinformation ecosystem- Misinformation, Disinformation and Infodemic. The Module will demonstrate how multidimensional factors can potentially distort legitimate, authentic health information into a harmful health misinformation. We will look at global examples of information being twisted and presented in different contexts leading to jeopardising public health and costing human lives.

You will also be introduced to the concepts of Infodemic Management and its related competencies – on how to identify, observe and monitor the sources and trends, critically evaluate the impact of such trends and design interventions that adequately and effectively address the misinformation spectrum.

Finally, healthcare professionals and workers can expect to be exposed to a broad range of Infodemic management skills and competencies where they will learn to cultivate critical thinking on how to build resilience to misinformation.

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