Module 4 : Understanding Human Biases

It’s time to think critically! In an age of misinformation, thinking critically is a key competence and skill. In this module, you will be introduced to the concept of critical thinking which has become an essential skill to address health misinformation. The module will explain comprehensively about lexicons of critical thinking, its salience and its key components. It will also equip the healthcare workers and professionals to learn and exercise critical thinking in the healthcare ecosystem. Furthermore, the module will also dwell into the understanding of human biases and its determinants and its common types. The understanding of human biases is the prerequisite for exercising critical thinking skills. The module will also explore illustrations and events depicting consequences of human biases on the public healthcare system.

By the end of this module, healthcare professionals and workers will be equipped with tools and skills to become fact-warriors. The tools and approaches will aid healthcare workers and professionals to navigate through the health misinformation and enable them to build resilience against mis and dis- information.

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