Module 2 : Deciphering Health Misinformation

The module will highlight how health misinformation has emerged as a new public health crisis. The module will demonstrate how people are consuming health related information through various mediums across the globe. In this module, you will be introduced to the concept of health misinformation and its most common types. We will further explore the key underlying reasons for susceptibility to health misinformation. The module will further explain the ripple effects of spread of misinformation. The rippling effects of health misinformation are depicted through the global examples and illustrations such as vaccine hesitancy, cancer treatment, reproductive health, etc. The global examples will highlight the health misinformation events that have led to risk of human lives and breakdown of trust on the public healthcare system.

You will also be introduced to the essential approaches to identify a trustworthy and credible online source to combat health misinformation.

Finally, healthcare professionals and workers can expect to learn the dynamic nature of health misinformation and its consequences on public healthcare. The acknowledgement and understanding of health misinformation concept is the prerequisite step to build resilience against misinformation

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