Frequently Asked Questions

The course is developed by DataLEADS in collaboration with the educational arm of GlaxosmithKline (GSK). It is aimed to equip healthcare workers worldwide with key approaches and tools to help them to address misinformation about health

The course can be accessed via the URL:

The course is offered to anyone interested in addressing health misinformation.

Healthcare Professionals such as doctors, public health workers, hospital administrator pharmacists, nurses, vaccinators, medical researchers and consultants can apply for the course.

Besides the healthcare professionals the course is open to anyone interested in infodemic management in public health

No, the course is free and open to anyone wishing to

No, the course is self-paced, meaning you can take as much time as you need to complete a course.

The course consists of six modules. Each module is 10-12 minutes long. It will take approximately two hours to complete the course

In order to receive a Verified Certificate, learners must register for it on the platform and receive a proficiency score of 70% or higher on the overall course assessments.

Access the platform webpage via the following link:

Click on the “ ” tab at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Create new account” option at the bottom of the dropdown tab. This option can also be accessed directly via the following link:

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Open the email and click on “Confirm email”. If you do not receive this email within a couple of minutes, please check your spam folder and move the email to your primary mailbox

You will be redirected to the Log in page. On the top navigation bar, you will see the message “Thank you for confirming your e-mail address”. You will have to enter your e-mail and password and click on “

If you have not received a confirmation email within a few minutes of setting up your account, please check your spam folder and move the email to your primary mailbox

To reset your password, navigate to the log in drop down menu by clicking on the “Log in” button at the top right-hand side of the screen. Click on the link “Forgot your password?

Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can navigate the six modules of the course and begin the course by clicking on enroll

Many courses consist of a combination of downloadable video lectures and presentation slides, as well as self-assessments to test your knowledge.

The Course is offered in English with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

Once you have entered a course, the course presentations can be found under the “

Global Infodemic Management Course offers certificates of completion for the course. This information is available on the course specific landing page, under Course details

You can download the certificate once you have successfully completed the course.

The course is developed by DataLEADS in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for Healthcare workers and it is financially supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

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